Welcome to Mrs. Traylor's 5th grade
Social Studies class!

Please visit this page often and also sign up for Remind.  I will try to keep you informed of  activities in the class and also advise you of events and other information.  Please feel free to contact me if you need to discuss any concerns regarding your child.  I look forward to working with you and your child this year!

Apr. 10 Historical Figure/Writing Project Due
Apr. 12 Civil War Common Assessment
Apr. 14 Good Friday - Holiday
Apr. 21 Progress Reports/Spring Social

Mar. 8          District Checkpoint SS Test
                       Civil War Folder Assignment
Mar. 13-17      Spring Break ☀️   
Mar. 21         Civil War Folder Project Due
Mar. 21 Civil War Pop Quiz
Mar. 23 Assign "Biography" Project - Major SS and Writing grade
Mar. 24 Civil War Vocabulary Quiz
Mar. 28 Math STAAR
Mar. 29 Reading STAAR

Feb. 2          Traylor, Hodge, Beach, Griffin field trip
Feb. 7          Progress Reports
Feb. 8          Reading Benchmark
                       Collecting "Pennies For Patients"  2 Weeks
Feb. 20         Student Holiday
Feb. 22         Major Social Studies Westward Expansion Test
Feb. 23         Math Benchmark and Spirit Night @ Chic-Fi-A
Feb. 28         Class &individual picture day

Jan. 3        Welcome Back
Jan. 6       Major Government Test
Jan. 16     Holiday (no school) - Martin Luther King Day
Jan. 20    Lewis and Clark Journal Project assigned - class downloads
for guidelines(Jan 26)
Jan. 30     Lewis and Clark Journal Project due

Dec. 8   Preamble Presentations
Dec. 14  District Social Studies                   
                Benchmark Test
Dec. 16  Early Dismissal

Nov. 1          Major Social Studies Project Assigned
Nov. 9  Major Social Studies Project Due
Nov. 15       Major Social Studies Test - Road to the Revolution

Oct. 3        Writing - If She Only Knew
Oct. 6        Picture Day
Oct. 7        Early Colonies Quiz
Oct. 14      Early Release @ 12:45
Oct. 18      Colonies Major Test (4 page study                
                    guide in class downloads)
Oct. 20      Social Studies Checkpoint
Oct. 25     Report Cards go home
Oct. 28     Quiz on Road to the Revolution - ISN

Sept. 13        U.S. Geography Major Test
Sept. 22        U.S. Symbols Major Test
Sept. 23      Writing - Cinquain Symbol
Sept. 26        Early European Explorers Unit
Sept. 28        Club Wednesday Pep Rally
Sept. 29     Spirit Night, California Pizza                

For my homeroom:  
Text @5thgrsshr to 81010

For blocks 2, 3, and 4:
Text @5thgrsoc to 81010

Daily Schedule:
8:35-8:45 Arrival and Announcements             
8:50-9:20 Power 1/2 Hour                
9:20-10:30 Block 1                      
10:30-11:40 Block 2                     
11:40-12:10 Block 3                     
12:10-12:40 Lunch                       
12:40-1:35 Block 3 (cont.)
1:35-2:45 Block 4 (My Homeroom P.E. and Fine Arts period)
2:45-3:50 Block 5 (My Conference period)
4:00 Dismissal



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