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Wilkerson Intermediate

Mission Statement

At Wilkerson Intermediate, we provide positive experiences that promote social, emotional, and academic success for all.


  • To Inspire
  • To Create
  • To Grow
Mr. W. D. Wilkerson in front of our school in 1974.

Mr. W. D. Wilkerson in front of our school in 1974.

Wilkerson Intermediate was the first middle school in The Woodlands. It was dedicated honoring W. D. Wilkerson, in 1974, who had served as Conroe superintendent for eighteen years. In making the dedication Neal Knox noted, “Mr. Wilkerson came to us when a man of his character was needed to run our school district. He stood the test.”
W. D. was known as “Topsy.” Beginning in 1925 when he was 24 years old, he served as coach, mathematics teacher and superintendent of schools in Reagan, Texas for five years. Then for eight years he worked as coach and superintendent of schools in Calvert, Texas. Wilkerson came to Conroe from Bryan where he has served as superintendent for 12 years. Prior to all of this he had coached in Denton and Calvert. He brought to school administration the same zeal and the same brand of “Old fashion desire” he required of his football charges. He was quoted as saying, “If you ever get to the point where defeat doesn’t hurt and victory doesn’t thrill, then there’s something wrong.”
The most significant change observed by Wilkerson during his career was the attitude of the parents. “The public came to appreciate and realize the need for better buildings, better equipment, better salaries.” Wilkerson Intermediate is honored to be named after such a dedicated educator. He said, “I can handle those kids”. He did.
Wilkerson Intermediate was extensively remodeled during the summer of 1999 and again during the spring and summer of 2010. It continues to be a wonderful school.
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